_native sons of NYC



brooklyn made co. was founded four years ago in North Williamsburg, Brooklyn to provide branding and merchandising solutions for local businesses. Because the original partners had roots in the culinary industry the initial emphasis was on nyc restaurants and bars. we wanted to offer a more street oriented style of merchandise to our clients, one that would enhance their iconic image and make merchandise a part of their overall business. we have always felt that a tee or hat is so much more than something you put a name or image on. it’s advertising that pays for itself in increased awareness of your business and sales of your main product.

in the four years since we developed this concept we’ve grown and diversified. last summer we launched a capsulated line of branded streetwear. we are currently working on a new line which will be landing soon. Industrial work wear has always been interesting to us and so we are in the planning and design stages of a new line of brooklyn made co. shirts, tees, hoodies, jackets and bags. Stay tuned to see what’s next!

thanks for supporting us in this venture and we look forward to the future and providing our clients with the best service and products that are available.